We give this in abundance

We give a lot of this and by a lot I mean, unlimited. And, when we give this precious possession of ours to others we don't even ask for anything in return. This might be the only precious thing we give away without even expecting a penny in return. Any idea what this is? It... Continue Reading →

Anne Frank 90th Birthday

I fell in love with reading at the age of 13. The age when this creative mind was confined to the limits of four walls. For years I had heard of her famous diary but read it only a few weeks ago. Anne took me back to being a 13 year old with a hundred... Continue Reading →

The humble abode!

Once upon a time there stood multitudes of them; tall, leafy and green. They swayed with the wind and boughed with the rain,grew with the sun and slept with the moon. Small were the spaces between their arms, yet greatest was the peace under their leaves. No price you paid to dwell at its form,... Continue Reading →

They refuse to grow

    “Some people refuse to grow.” It is that simple and it took me ages to figure it out. I tried and tried but all in vain cause you can’t make the horse drink the water. You left their boundaries and became an “outcast”. You became the one who betrayed, you became the one... Continue Reading →

Lend an Ear

Today I watched the documentary on the late Princess Diana. I am so moved by this young girl who fought all her life against every situation she was put into, grew into a worthy Princess and still lives on as the Queen of Hearts because of how compassionately she lived. But little do people remember... Continue Reading →

To anyone

            Have you ever felt scared about nothing in particular but about everything? Have you ever felt scared to start though you know where to start? Have you had this feeling that everything you start will end in the wrong way? I did! I do! I know what to do and where to start. But,... Continue Reading →

To all the Mothers

Milestones and Mothers Today, I watched a baby stand up on her own for the very first time and a mother rejoice in her daughter’s milestone. She clapped and laughed while her daughter stood still on her feet not knowing how important this is to her mother.What a joy! I too was spellbound, not only... Continue Reading →

Growing and Grounded

Standing tall, yet so rooted, firm and strong. Green and brown and Yellow and Red, Is there anything you cannot reflect? Stretching your roots and your leaves, Hearing all our Pleas. Fallen or rotten all can shelter Under the shadow of your leaves. Oh! You talk to the blue sky, Whisper with the wind and... Continue Reading →


Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur My rating: 3 of 5 stars Bringing together stories of three women of consecutive generations, governed by similar thoughts, circumstances and feelings, Difficult Daughters brings out the difficulties that women go through even if they are from a higher stratum of the society. A good read to understand how women... Continue Reading →

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