Growing and Grounded

Standing tall, yet so rooted, firm and strong. Green and brown and Yellow and Red, Is there anything you cannot reflect? Stretching your roots and your leaves, Hearing all our Pleas. Fallen or rotten all can shelter Under the shadow of your leaves. Oh! You talk to the blue sky, Whisper with the wind and... Continue Reading →



Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur My rating: 3 of 5 stars Bringing together stories of three women of consecutive generations, governed by similar thoughts, circumstances and feelings, Difficult Daughters brings out the difficulties that women go through even if they are from a higher stratum of the society. A good read to understand how women... Continue Reading →

Social Media

My friend’s post on one of her social media accounts left me thinking about a few things again. She asked Is everyone’s life really as great as they make it out to be on social media? and I said NO like the 90% who voted. But the remaining 10% (the luckiest people on earth I... Continue Reading →

Through the woods

The dew tickled Her soft feet. Emerging trough the mist She raced down the valley. Arms wide open, feet hardly touching the blades, breathing the fresh air She ran Her own race. With dawn She rose and raced like the wind. Only to see a shadow of the breeze. Smoothly it swept Her feet towards... Continue Reading →


How we yearn to belong. To him/her/them. It is indeed a satisfaction knowing one is always important to the loved one. Being with that person, sharing the deepest of thoughts and feelings. With them, world seems perfect and without them it ceases to exist. But have you ever thought what lies beyond him/her/them. Beyond being... Continue Reading →


I am what I am. But they want something else. I want to fit in. But I can't. I really want to. But I'm not able to. Maybe I'm not the right Jigsaw piece. I'm not perfect either. I'm flawed. Maybe that's why they think I can fit in. But I feel differently. I feel... Continue Reading →


Today was not ordinary. It was nostalgic, reminding me of the good old days of childhood. Adventures have always enthralled me. Today I went on an "unplanned" adventure. I say unplanned because planned ones never happen in my case. Travelling to and from college in the college bus is a routine I'm fed up of.... Continue Reading →


Every day in our life we come across a number of incidents. A few are planned while a few are not. Things turn out well at times and on a few unfortunate occasions they don't. At the end of the day we are left drained of all energy and enthusiasm. We curse our fate, the... Continue Reading →

Everyday a new start

The warm and golden rays of the morning sun, shining through the blinds of my window, kissed me a good morning. It was nothing short of surprising and I instantly fell in love with my new room. I woke up feeling peppy and was left energetic for the rest of the day. Every day now,... Continue Reading →

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